Xilisoft FLV Converter

Xilisoft FLV Converter 3.1

Xilisoft FLV converter is a tool that converts FLV files to other formats
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Xilisoft FLV converter is a tool that converts FLV files to other formats. The main source of FLV files are flash players from around the web. The single, most important one of those sources is YouTube. Xilisoft already has two other applications that do exactly the same as this one, or even more. Xilisoft FLV converter converts all your FLV files into AVI, MPEG, WMV, or other supported formats, so that you can play them with any player of your liking. The user interface (just like the other xilisoft products') is great. It is easy to use, practical and intuitive. The conversion speed is on par with most other converters in the market and the program is stable enough. Now, I wouldn't recommend you to purchase this application, seeing that there are two other applications for exactly the same price that do so much more than this one. For example, Xilisoft YouTube Video Converter does convert .FLV files downloaded from the web, and it can even download them for you, provided that you give the application an URL. So, if you need a solution to convert .FLV files go for that other one.

José Fernández
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  • It converts .FLV files


  • There are 2 other applications by the same developer that surpass this one's capabilities for the same price
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